The department of Chemical, Polymer, and Composite Materials Engineering was established in 2007. The department was primarily designed to build on current acclivities and to provide a nucleus for the University’s rapidly expanding industrially oriented research training and consultancy in Chemical Engineering. Since then, more than 500 students have been graduated who are currently working in the reputed international and national organizations and institutes. The department has developed considerably in terms of undergraduate lab and postgraduate research facilities, interacted with the local industry with a specific focus on the local needs and indigenous solutions to the their problems. Students are trained to use specialist scientific knowledge, analytical skills, and innovative thinking to come up with creative solutions to real-world problems. They design new chemical processes and products, as well as improving the performance of existing ones. They are also involved in developing cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and developing new wonder-drugs to cure the world’s diseases. Core strengths of department are its qualified and dedicated faculty; up-to-date laboratories with essential equipment; well-equipped and upgraded library; strong Industrial links and well-equipped research labs.